Four books of Craig Morey's work have been produced since 1992. Studio Nudes was the first - published by the Penthouse Book Society, and currently out of print. Copies of this book are sometimes available online, or in art bookstores or specialty mail order catalogs. We're working on a presentation of the complete contents of Studio Nudes on this web site.

In 1994, Masao Yoshida, in Tokyo, published Body/Expression/Silence, the largest collection of Morey's work at that time. This was a very limited edition print run and was never available outside of Japan.

The next monograph was Linea, published in 1996 by Korinsha Press of Kyoto. Until recently Linea has been available from Idea Books of Amsterdam, but it is now also out of print. A limited number of signed copies are available from the eBay Morey Studio Fine Art Photography store.

In June of 2001, Glaspalast Edition of Germany announced the publication of the newest and largest collection of Craig Morey's photographs. Twentieth Century Studio Nudes, available in German, French and English. This 9x12" hardcover monograph contains 120 images made between 1989 and 2000. It also has an extensive interview with Morey, technical data and shooting techniques, and quotes from some of the models in the book.

Click here for a list of major publications featuring the work of Craig Morey, beginning in 1977.

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